Sunday, June 12, 2016

Internet Trends Nonsense

Mary Meeker was a stock analyst disgraced in the 1999-2000 stock boom/bust.  She is back, this time as a "internet trends" maven.

Now, apparently, she is preaching to the choir, since the comments section is full of adoring admirers.  There wasn't a sentence of her talk that I would not challenge, for instance, internet is now 10% of retail.  Prove it.  As one who gives all day public lectures, I also understand the technique she is using, the drone on talk, a quasi-hypnosis technique, where people just take in highlights, and see what they already hope one slides.  It's a replay of Apple's 1984 ad, except it's missing the mallet-thrower.

People must be stating that which I thought only I was saying out loud, they internet marketing does not work by any measure.  She said "internet advertising does work…" (emphasis hers, the lady doth protest too much methinks) and goes on to point out a vineo (or something) that got 10 million views.

Views aren't sales.

Her examples are all government programs, like google, or if not, simply survivorship bias victims.

Mary Meeker is still in the business of telling the delusional what they want to hear.  Before millions put their lifesavings where she said they should and lost much, there was a worldwide settlement fund set up.  Today she plays it safer, she simply tells them to drone on, everything you hope is coming your way anyway.

Huge applause.  Demands for more.

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