Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Secret Medical Experiments on Newborns

No one was executed for the crimes of the Tuskegee Experiments, let alone imprisoned.  So they go on today, 2014.
Because premature babies have immature lungs, they usually require treatment with supplemental oxygen to survive and to prevent brain damage and other problems caused by oxygen deficiency. In many cases, premature babies also need to undergo intubation (insertion of a breathing tube into the trachea, the main airway leading to the lungs) and treatment with a ventilator (an automated breathing machine). More than 50 years of medical research have demonstrated that for premature babies, treatment with too little oxygen can cause brain injury or death, whereas treatment with too much oxygen can lead to damage to the retina of the eye and blindness.
Yes, just ask Stevie Wonder, it happened to him.  Never mind, just keep doing it. Why do secret, pointless, harmful human medical experiments go on in USA?  Because they can.

Read the article, they even cheated on their own mad-scientist experiments on newborns.

It does no good to complain.  Just like the Tuskegee experiments, plenty of doctors complained, but nothing came of it.

No one is ever prosecuted when doing hegemon research projects.  In capitalism, there is no mechanism for curbing state abuses.

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