Sunday, June 5, 2016

White Anglo Saxon Protestants To Allow People Brown and Darker to Make Their Own Medicine!

Let's start with sheer mendacity:
It costs pharmaceuticals companies about $2.6 billion to develop a new drug. If these companies were not allowed to protect their investment with patents, it is doubtful that any new drugs would be developed. So patents are an important incentive.
This is simply not true.  They may spend $2.6 billion, but it costs no more to create a new medicine than develop a new candy.    The drug companies  certainly write off $2.6 billion, so they pay no taxes.    They can charge off the most egregious expenses, under the patterns and practices of capitalism, and then cause economic harm by limiting access to medicine.

Now, since poor countries cannot afford the medicines, USA taxpayers have subsidized the export of USA medicines to these countries, who in turn shipped them back Fedex one prescription at a time, to eager USA end-users.  This hurt profits.  So USA Republicans passed the medicare prescription act, the greatest single expansion of welfare in history of mankind.   The export round trip trade dried up.

Now that there is no market in USA for cheap drugs (taxpayers provide subsidies for the usa made drugs now, in USA)  Big Drug is now happy to allow the Congo and Cambodia to make their own drugs.  How about that!

White folk are allowed to exist first, and if there is room, then people brown and darker can exist.  But not until we are comfortable.  As MLKing said (and it got him murdered) "America is the #1 purveyor of violence in the world."

Is it any wonder people all over the world are sick of their politicians?

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