Sunday, July 10, 2016

Black Swan, Military Coup, Part Two

In my previous post on a black swan event in USA politics, we saw how the generals had already begun to disobeying orders from the commander in chief, in a word mutiny.  I noted two instances. I would too, but that is not the point.  And now comes a new book advocating more mutiny. "Twice deployed to Iraq" means never in any danger.  Here a self-described "infantry veteran" claims the military will not obey a President Trump:
Scott Beauchamp is a writer and infantry veteran who twice deployed to Iraq. He's currently at work on a book about military virtue as an alternative to marketplace ethics.
"Military virtue" as an alternative to marketplace ethics?  What is military virtue?  Unthinking obedience? Armed welfare queenism?   And what is marketplace ethics?  You mean capitalism?  Or free markets?  what is it about free markets that warrants an alternative?

On 9-11 the military, as well as all law enforcement and intelligence agencies, failed.  Under the Hegemon, failure means more power, which they received.  In just over a decade, the hyper-inflated military is talking coup.  This is because our generals are political appointees.  it is how our system works, so we usually end up with the worst people in command, like General Petreaus, who, like a Clinton, ought to be in prison, but like a Clinton, is not for political connections.

The objection du jour is that Donald Trump, of you listen to his quote, is saying that the Saudi Arabians on the front lines of effecting the 9-11 attack were spirited out of USA back to Saudi Arabia.  Their families were well involved and knowledgeable.  Trump says simply said he'd kill the families of the perpetrators, people who have benefitted tremendously by the crimes.  How is that a change in present policy?

Now, I would not do it that way, but this is very USA.  We kill all sorts of people on far flimsier grounds.  And the people quoted as objecting are prime perpetrators in their own capacity.  The problem is Trump would be killing guilty people, but OUR guilty people.

Now the idea of a military takeover, that i mentioned last is now getting a step closer.  Trump is considering a general as his running mate:
“I like the generals. I like the concept of the generals. We’re thinking about — actually there are two of them that are under consideration,” Trump said Wednesday on Fox News. He then acknowledged that for months he has been “really looking to go more the political route.”
The political generals have in three explicit ways put USA on notice, if Trump happens, a coup.  So it makes perfect sense for Trump top select an honest general (one who was fired) as a running mate.  Who better to crack down on mutinous policy-wonk generals than a real general?

The problem is a real general as vice-president can easily become president.  A gneral and commander in chief.   And as social unrest widens, eventually come military take-over, something the masses very might demand.

A black swan event?

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Anonymous said...

In the movie The Siege (1998), General William Devereaux (played by Bruce Willis) takes over New York City after a series of terrorist acts and begins to impose martial law. General Devereaux arrests every Arab looking man, woman, and child and puts them in maximum security detention centers. Fortunately, the protagonists including the detective played by Denzel Washington fight back in the name of freedom and prevail. Something simiar actually happened in the 1940s when Japan declared war on the US and many Japanese Americans were detained because of mass xenophobia perpetrated by the media. Today we are at the crossroads of this happening once more unless people become educated and vote with discernment. Anyone working for the government is a public servant and the presidential candidates should be mindful of that.