Friday, July 1, 2016

Customers Are the Most Important, Getting the Product Right the Most Difficult

In the 30 plus years of teaching writing and consulting on small business international trade, there emerges one clear indicator of failure: the person who tells me he has customers, which is always my first question:  'Do you have customers?"

I know they have no customers by the questions they ask:  How do I find a good supplier, how do I get financing, how can I get in front of buyers (yes! "I have customers, how do I find customers?"), what kind of licensing do I need?  And so on.

Customers Are the Most Important in Business, Getting the product Right is the Most Difficult.

You must at some point get in front of a customer, right?  Since the customer is the most important thing, why not do that first?  But this begs the question, what to offer?

So then we get to the hardest thing in business, getting the offer (the goods or services) right.

This is the real work in all business, and international trade as well.

The genesis of the problem is the all-too-human inclination to try to skip the steps that matter.  "I read a study that there is a need for…" (So, yes, there are customers…) And based on this delusional syllogism, the presumption there are customers and they are yours, the self-deluded gets busy worrying about nothing that matters yet: finance, licensing, supplier, etc.

The genesis of a thriving, authentic business is yourself, creating a solution, and presenting it to customers first.  I quickly deconstruct the delusional, and get people on the right path.

Creating your own assets is the only smart investment left.

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