Saturday, July 16, 2016

Food Waste: Deregulate Food & End Subsidies

15 And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.
Exodus 2 15
I've been sent a link to food waste in USA, something with which I have been long familiar. Kudos to Suzanne Goldenberg for an exceptionally thorough and balanced article.  The Guardian is a most admirable paper, but there is this odd side note about how the Rockefeller Foundation picks up the tab for the article.  The camel's nose is in the tent. Discombobulating.

Anyway, one note she makes is 50% thrown away means we divert twice as much water, use up twice the land, lay down twice the pesticides etc, use far more energy, need maybe twice the illegal aliens, and so on for pour food in USA.

Produce is highly regulated under PACA and the solution to this is to get rid of PACA and government marketing orders that tell farmers what they can sell.  American food is also highly subsidized.

You want to solve the problem?  Get rid of the subsidies and regulations.  Then you'll see noting wasted as people learn how to make money from produce, not gaming the subsidies and regulations.

By the way, here is a fun international trade scam, a fraud that would be a crime under any circumstances.  You take an order for a straight load of 88s US Extra Fancy Red Delicious at $14 a box, 1000 box load.  You buy a straight load of 88s Utility at $7 and have them shipped to a warehouse on the way to the port.  At the warehouse you pull off the lids marked utility and relid with box tops marked US Extra Fancy.  Reload the container.  And ship to the customer.  Assuming they prepaid, you just scammed them for $7000.  In the reverse, you can relid US Extra Fancy as US Utility, declare the price 1/2 of what the shipment is worth, and avoid 50% of the inbound duty as an importer overseas.

The world can be a wicked place, and that is good to know.

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