Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Online Exporting Food Seminar

You want to make your own money?  You ready to be self-employed? You have no money, contacts, experience, and not much time?   How do you get from where you are to where you act on practical results - finding suppliers and customers.

Using what resources you presently have, in this seminar held online for one hour per week, for four weeks, you will be taken through four steps: establishing rationale for buyers and sellers to work with you, create your LCL MOQ FOB offer and no-nonsense competitive website (forget everything you know about websites), find and approach buyers directly with your offer to sell, and then act on practical results.

Forget everything you know about exporting, you can break all the "rules": you'll go for the smallest order rational, not the largest possible; you'll leave all of the "localization" problems on your customer; you'll get prepaid.

You will learn the tools, tactics and attitude to trade professionally and work with the top freight forwarders on the technical issues.

The course will run Tuesdays, 6-7pm Pacific Time, Oct 11-Nov 1, 2016.

This seminar is like no other, and has been hosted by industry associations and leading schools.  The feedback is stellar. Learn the tools tactics and attitudes with food that can be applied to any product form anywhere to anywhere worldwide.

Go into the Fall with a new skill.

Sign up now, no need to pay now, you will be billed to pay at your leisure.  This is a special unannounced session, so go directly to the enrollment page and scroll down to the enroll now/pay later form.

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Anonymous said...

I have attended your online exporting food seminar and it is excellent. They do not teach your methods in the traditional halls of business schools.

John Wiley Spiers said...

Yes, the schools necessarily teach what is seen, and prepare people to work for BigAg, where some jobs are. I teach small business, where you create your own job. Two different things.


Emanuel said...

John, when are you having the next live seminar in the San Francisco area?

John Wiley Spiers said...

I announce those dates here... but toanswer your question...

College of San Mateo, Saturday 15 October, 2016 , here is registration link...