Thursday, July 14, 2016

Why Terror Cannot Be Stopped

Every blog item I post, every phone call I make every email I send, every Skype session I attend is monitored and recorded by USA intelligence agencies.  I am searched every time I board a plane.  You too.

I am zero threat.

The FBI specializes in entrapment, forcing people who would otherwise not commit terror to encourage others to do so.  Sometimes these get out of hand, like the case of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Intel agencies spot crime and watch it to see where it will lead.  Police agencies are supposed to arrest crime when they see it.  The two are at odds.

In USA, the police are paramilitarized, and now work with intel ethics.  So the conflict is now less.

The reason terror cannot be stopped is massive resources are misallocated to monitoring someone who is no threat.  Me and you.  They are wasting resources watching the wrong people.

When there is a terror attack, all of this spy superstructure is awarded more money and power. Qui bono?

Eliminate the spy and intel agencies.  Return cops to police work.  Every successful terror attacker in USA was well know to police beforehand.  They we not allowed to stop them.  Security is simple if you handle it right.

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Anonymous said...

There is also the issue of false-flag events implemented by governments. I believe there are more shenanigans going on than one would think.