Thursday, July 21, 2016

Will Turkey Invade USA?

No informed USA intel or law enforcement person believe Osama Bib Laden had anything to do with 9-11.  The FBI most wanted poster offering $5 million for his capture did not even mention 9-11.  He was not involved.

Nonetheless, USA demanded he be extradited to USA from Afghanistan after 9-11 to stand torture in our legal system.  The Taliban who had been guests in the White House to discuss oil a year before required legal proof OBL was involved before they would entertain the notion, in spite of the fact there was no extradition treaty between the two nations.

Instead of providing evidence, the USA attacked and invaded Afghanistan, a war crime.

Now, Turkey is demanding USA extradite a similarly situated OBL-type living in USA, maybe involved with he Turkey coup.  In spectacular hypocrisy,   USA requires evidence.
Virtually from the Turkish coup’s onset, Erdogan began demanding that Washington arrests and extradite Gulen back to Turkey. After calling Turkish accusations that the US played any role in the attempted power grab“utterly false and harmful,” fork-tongued John Kerry stated that if Ankara hands its evidence over to US authorities that prove the imam is, in fact, responsible for the coup, then the US government will send Gulen back to face trial, but not until then. But because Gulen has been such an integral influential presence and asset in both America’s foreign policy as well as worldwide propagandizing as a school of terrorism machine, the odds are extremely nil that the exiled leader would ever be forced to return to Turkey to face sure death.
So will Turkey attack and invade USA, following USA precedent?  Probably not, but WWIII, necessary to change the topic from economics to something else, will begin over something just as silly.

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Anonymous said...

I'm no law enforcement officer but wasn't OBL involved in the 1998 United States embassy bombings in Africa where over 200 people died including American citizens? Even if OBL wasn't involved in 9-11, then justice would catch up to him (and al-Zawahiri) sooner or later. Regarding Turkey, Erdogan he is just a despot trying to grab on to as much power as he can after the attempted (staged) coup since he barely won the recent elections. Tyrants like Erdogan eliminate their rivals and don't bother with the halls of justice.

Anonymous said...

John Wiley Spiers said...

Because our pals (at the time) the Taliban ask for evidence, we invade? What does the embassy bombings in 1998 have to do with Afghanistan 2001? We should bomb Afghanistan without warrant because of something that happened in Africa a few years earlier? Well, I guess "why not?" We were attacked on 9-11 by Saudis and in retaliation we hit Afghanistan, as if there are no maps in the Pentagon, so why not? As if there no one with middle east knowledge in USA intel. It's where we are.