Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Back-to-School: Answering Resistant Lice

My grandmother taught 12 kids in eight grades in one room back in the 1920s in Montesano Washington.  When the progressives were able to push collectivism onto the public schools, kids were rounded up and transported to concentration schools, and academic progress was arrested.  Education in USA has been downhill ever since.

Just as most people who died in concentration camps did so by disease, concentration schools are also notorious collect and distribute disease centers.  At back-to-school each Fall kids share what they did last Summer and what diseases they got.  Schools are no collect-and-distribute centers for the spread of disease.  And the diseases mutate given the wide exposure.

One mighty-mouse malady is lice.
New evidence shows that head lice have developed resistance to two types of common over the counter insecticide treatments for lice infestation. JME studied 48 states and found that, on average, 98 percent of head lice in at least 42 states managed to grow gene mutations that enable them to become resistant to different insecticides other wise known as pyrethrins, pyrethroids, and permathrins
So we have a problem, and does BigPharm have a solution?  No, they are the problem.  Carpet bomb the kids head with agent-orange lite!  Just as that policy failed in Vietnam, so it fails in K-12.  Their solution is lousy (louse is singular for lice).  One size fits all medicine is so stupid and contra-science that even even lice can outsmart the program.  But that is capitalism!

So who comes up with a solution?  Small business! Free markets. A beauty salon has a service called Lice Knowing You!
The word LICE is enough to bring even the strongest person to their knees. Lice Knowing You© is themost trusted, most respected and doctor recommended head lice removal company in the Western region of the United States. We are your family’s one-stop shop dedicated to getting you and your family lice and nit free, naturally, in one treatment, guaranteed!
In Colorada the beautician will come to you.  I got lice once when a kid of mine came home with it from a friend's house.  My kids well remember struggling to rid themselves of it.  I simply shaved my head bald and burned the little buggers in the firepit.  Done!

I can second-hand recommend this service, three nieces were infested recently and in one salon session they were all 100% rid of the phthirapteran menace.

A daughter in Paris picked up lice from a friend's kid she watched.  There, due to French law, a small business can do the treatment, but not the final rinse out of the hair, without an expensive and tightly controlled hair salon permit.  So there the small biz send their clients home in a bonnet with a sudsy head full of dead lice.  Patients rinse their heads at home.  I note this as example number 274,381,820,008,108,299,036,517 in the history of the Hegemon making and maintaining a stupid rule, and small business figuring out a way around it.  (Ronald Reagan quipped if the government sees it move, it will tax it.  If it keeps moving, it will regulate it.  If is stops moving, it will subsidize it.)

While we are at it, Veuve Cliquot is my go-to standard when drinking champagne, the name meaning "the widow Cliquot..."  The history is until Napoleon no woman could legally own or run a business in France.  Problem was, Napoleon was getting so many French men killed in his wars that an exception was granted, a widow could take over a business from a dead husband, with Veuve in the name to distinguish these special businesses.  Problem: whole lotta Veuve-whatevers show up... whole lotta husbands falling down staircases, disappearing one night into the Seine, poisoned "accidentally", etc. many a "grieving" widow then thriving in self-employment.

The French economy improved.

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