Sunday, August 7, 2016

Bond. Your Bond.

Bond. James Bond.  Sexy, adventurous, classy...

There is a new company that offers all that called Bond.  You could also read that as an imperative: Bond!  AS in bond with your customers.

One of the requirements I teach in business start up is to go straight to the customer, by name and by snail mail, never, ever email.  It should not be a secret, but it is near 100% effective, where as email is a net negative for introductions.  Sending letters is so ignored now, people do not know how to do it.  A few years ago I posted an item on a youtube where a nice lady shows people how to fold and letter and put it into an envelope.  The youtube explanation has 270,000 hits.

What Bond offers is a handwritten and hand signed note sent to your customer's address, by mail, with a stamp, etc.  Sadly their website is typical of stupid web design, the explanatory video wont' display for MacOS 10.6.8 using Safari 5.1.10.  No doubt they paid a pretty penny for overpriced web developers who believe in the labor value of theory: make a website do so much that it does not work, therefore we can charge more because it does so much.  Anyway, a website that works would be a competitive advantage over Bond.

But the model is sound.  They are offering 100 free notes, which is a great way to test this for your self.

Feel free to forward this by email to three of your friends.