Friday, August 5, 2016

Esca Bona! Big Ag is Desperate, Good for You!

Heck of a way to start a sales pitch:
Change doesn't happen overnight.2015 marked Esca Bona's first groundbreaking year where renegades in the industry set a framework for ambitious change to a better food future. But, you might be asking yourself, "Will Esca Bona 2016 be better?"
I suspect this is a clever attempt at reaching those who were disappointed last year.  Who knows?  Markets take no prisoners, but they are all-merciful if you self-correct. But what is on tap now for 2016?
Together we will think wrong to acheive impact. A Blitz is an intense, fun, hands-on session, that produces a portfolio of small bets to address challenges that matter. Imagine an Ocean's 11 of the innovation elite meets TED meets Stanford d.School meets hackathon meets startup black belts. Imagine getting months of work done in three days. Imagine coming up with solutions together that we could not conceive of on our own. Imagine learning the frameworks, language, and tools that you'll need to conquer biology and culture to escape the status quo—everyday. You’ve just imagined a Think Wrong Blitz.
This is just strange copy.  But then Trump is a nominee this year.  Who knows what's going on?  Anyway, the "big offer" is a non-starter.    There is only one opinion in startup business that matters, and that is your target customers'.  Spending three days at misdirection can yield no more than a months worth of misdirection, if that is the leverage.

Well, who is behind it?

Image result for conagra

Oh.  The grand duke of BigAg.  And Campbells, Dole, General Mills...  and lots of "innovators" and branding strategists and venture capitalists, etc.  Didn't notice a traceability vendor though.  Odd.

What this means is those big companies badly need to find new market, and their millions in research says: small, better...  more Stilton, less Velveeta.

This is how it works: an innovator startup gets to a certain size at which point the conservator spots them, and decides the volume is worth having, as in acquire or copy.  This is about $50 million in sales, from a reliable and widely distributed customer base, and no looming competitive threats.  Anyone who has that profile will know that is also the IPO profile, so you choices are continue on your own as a privately held company, sell out to a ConAgra, or go the IPO route.  No doubt the "innovators" at this conference have their eyes on that prize.  Never judge how someone plays their hand.

So what is going on at his conference?   It is an attempt to bring innovation under the aegis of BigAg.  And again, it only signals how valuable the innovation in food market has actually become.

Why I keep getting invited back to food industry conferences, association events, and export marketing programs is I teach a way to grow a small business through export sales.  It gets you orders within weeks, or practical feedback on why a customer will not buy your present offer, providing you with a blueprint if you need to change.

You can attend that same seminar online.  It starts Aug 9, and I bill the registrations so you pay later.  Join us now.

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