Friday, August 12, 2016

More On Advertising

I've cited this guy before and subscribed to his youtube channel.  He is very good, although I sometimes disagree.  I am delighted he makes clear he is often wrong.

Two themes he has that I disagree with...

1. He implies search engine rankings matter, noting who and how gets to the top.  So what?  Rankings do not equal sales.  Don't tell me l'Oreal is #1, tell me what it cost l'Oreal to get there, and what sales l'Oreal gained from being there.  No one provides this metric because it reveals a net deficit.

2. OK, digital marketing drives digital sales.  How about that!  Now tell me, what does it cost and what revenue does it yield?  Even if it did yield net profit, why put all of that effort into what is no more than 6% of the economy, why not put the effort into what is the other 94%, brick and mortar?  Would the same money yield better results?

But mostly his info is great/useful.  He expressly condemns ignoring brick and mortar. Check him out:

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