Saturday, August 27, 2016

Paparazzi Proof New Product

Back in the 1990s, people in the Philippines were wearing cell phone holsters, even though they were empty, and carrying lap top cases free of electronics.  I am sure it was not limited to those Islands, here in USA you can hire a team of non-body guards to surround you in places like LA to simulate importance.  Even Paris Hilton can be hired for $25,000 to walk through your event.    In Rome people rented gold coins to display at parties to evince wealth.

So I can imagine these will sell well... a scarf that foils paparazzi.

An anti-flash flash scarf that keeps paparazzi at bay is gaining popularity among celebrities.
The product, called the Ishu, adopts a special fabric containing thousands of nanospherical crystals that reflect light back into the camera, rendering all flash photography useless. Its name was derived from a combination of "isss" and "shu", which are common sounds famous people use to fend off paparazzi.

For $400, you can appear to be a celebrity!

Expect soon someone to create a cheap knock-off in the same pattern without the costly function.  then for $5 you can look like a celebrity, with the added benefit if some fool takes your picture, they will delight in having actually captured your visage.

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Anonymous said...

With the advent of drones nobody is safe from prying eyes. As the price of high quality UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) drops the only way to have privacy is to buy one's own island like sir Richard Branson or Larry Ellison.