Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Retailing for the Desert Trip Concert

You could not see a line up like this before 1965.  Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, the Who all performing their individual acts on the same weekend, same place?  No way!  But it is on...

What can't happen is make any money off it....
One buyer at the Gerry Building was Elyssa Goldberg, whose BG’s El Paseo store has been in Palm Desert, Calif., for some 25 years. ... she was getting ready to bump up her merchandise for the upcoming Desert Trip concert in Indio, Calif., this October. The new mega-concert is expected to draw tens of thousands of music lovers who will be seeing concerts by Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Neil Young and groupsThe Who and the Rolling Stones.
How will there be a chance to cash in?  Sure there will be an increase in sales, but no more than 20% over a normal October.  If more risk than that, then losses...

1. The venue cannot hold tens of thousands, so there won't be that many.

2. Unknown demographics are hard to buy for, good luck getting the product mix right.

3. Unsold merchandise cannot be returned.  To stock up to cover whatever is to end up with unsold merchandise, mark-downs and losses.

Betting on a big bump usually backfires.

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