Saturday, August 13, 2016

So Beautiful!

It breaks my heart to see work so beautiful.  I guess it is why I ended up a housewares guy.  Particularly cruel of them to juxtapose the pot with quince, my favorite flower.  Ouch!  You'll never find this in WalMart.  It is necessarily only in specialty stores.    Yes, they would be extremely expensive, but so what, if you have customers.  Customers pay all expenses.
By trading in these, you'd be helping the price increase, and thus help assure this art continues.

But what about competing on design?  Aren't these "off-the-shelf" in essence, Plan B, what I advise against?  Yes!  But....

Plan B is merely advised against, because it is contemplated normally with mundane items, some item that in situ is attractive, but will not sell here.  In this instance, we have "overwhelming design" that transcends all place and time.  These pots could be presented anywhere in the world any time in history to just about anyone and would be appreciated.

But here again, as I always note with Plan B, as soon as you start selling your item, yur market feeds back design changes for the USA market.  SAw it forty years ago in bmboo baskets, you'd see it her too.

The wonderful thing is these artisans very much welcome new design ideas.  An interesting challenge.  And then at that point who cares who else comes in and trades in these black pots too, you have your own designs that reflect your market.

Feel free to forward this by email to three of your friends.