Monday, August 15, 2016

South Africa is Halal?

With USA recruiting Syrians and other Muslims to become American citizens, why is South Africa a halal exporter and not USA?
For the provincial government, growing the halal industry is now a key focus as it looks to boost growth and create new jobs in the region. "This industry is growing at an estimated annual rate of 20 per cent,” said Alan Winde, Western Cape Minister of Economic Opportunities. “This is why we are now looking for significant growth in the size of the province's halal industry.
"Certification is also hugely important. In addition to developing a guide to the current certification standards, we will work with the appropriate certification bodies in order to try and establish a single standard, one that is in line with global market demands."
One of the "get-big-or-get-out"policy rules in USA is small beef producers may not test for mad cow disease to gain customers overseas,  A federal offense.  Maybe Moslem butchers could get an exemption on religious grounds.  What we need in USA is more Sharia laws to assure our freedom of choice.

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