Sunday, September 25, 2016

Examples of Surviving In Small Business

Wih ex nihilo credit, there is no rational limit to what can be "financed."  The USA can "afford" to put in its credit tab wars, as when USA trespasses in other peoples' back yards, and picks fight.  For example, the war in Syria is a USA gig.  If you say that it was started by people protesting the Syrian government, then you know nothing about how the USA works, or Syria.

What goes around comes around.  So learn from those who are enduring the woes attendant to ex nihilo credit.
Syrian shoppers and foreign backpackers have been replaced by war-weary troops, and colorful souvenir stands have given way to checkpoints dividing the ancient market into rebel- and government-held zones.
"I am the only tailor left in Aleppo's Old City," says Mosuli in his modest shop in a regime-controlled street of the district.
The photo shows an industrial sewing machine,  A daughter of mine has one like that.  The means of production. They are cheap in USA right now.  Buy a half dozen apparel construction machines and store them, or better yet, rent out a workshop where people can use them.

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