Monday, September 19, 2016

Export Ex Nihilo Credit, Import Gold

Singapore had a tax on gold and silver coins, which it has dropped.  One thing a government does not want to do is dissuade its people from hoarding gold and silver.  When things get tough, a government will need that gold and silver.  What's interesting about the list of tax exempt coins is how so many countries are making the coins, to earn a bit of vig.

The Chinese are actively encouraging citizens to stock up on gold, and pretty much prohibit gold exports.  Ex nihilo credit flows out of China into the USA real estate and stock markets.  But that will crash, and likely the price of gold with it.  But with prices down, gold will still buy then what it buys today, a house, a car, a suit, a gallon of gas.  Ex nihilo credit will not, because it goes "poof"...  all gone.  Gold does not go "poof"... all gone.  That is an advantage of gold.

But better than ex nihilo credit tallied to your account, or gold stored under your mattress, is the means of production, even if it is an awesome rolodex.

Oddly, google has few pics of Chinese gold bullion, but of course baidu, the Chinese google has plenty.

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