Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Low Hanging Fruit

China is not alone in his, all countries are getting draconian in transferring ex nihilo credit tallies from individuals and corporations to themselves.  The USA strong-arm mulcting of Deutsche bank is one example.  Here is a couple of Chinese tactics.

1. Fining banks for not forking over depositors' tallies for fines:
A bank in China's Henan Province has been fined 100,000 yuan ($14,995 US) for refusing to assist the court in transferring a defaulter's savings.
2. The Communist Party cracking down on non-payment of dues:
The Communist Party of China has started to ensure that its nearly 90 million members are paying their full membership fees consistently and on time. Many CPC members are finding that they have to pay thousands of yuan at once for fees that have gone unpaid since as early as 2008 when revised Party regulations ordered members to pay a greater ratio of their income as Party dues.
And of course, Peter Thiel is being sued, which will result in ex nihilo credit being transferred back to the Hegemon, making the debt of the USA less, so the country richer.

With ex nihilo credit, your poverty is the Hegemons wealth.  Why?  Because you represent credit to the hegemon.  The less you have on your tally, the more that can be loaded on you. Reflect on that.

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