Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Start Your Business Start-up Now

There are innovators, there are retailers, but the link between the two, the sales force in which the communication channels have resided, has atrophied. The economy needs to recover, and we have people innovating, and retailers groping out changing customer demand.

The missing link is the sales process, lost with the two generations that went in F I R E . Selling establishes the rationale for the buy, something necessary when money is scarce. When banks lend credit, not money, the delusion is there is no scarcity.  All can be afforded, no selling is necessary, just order-taking.  Salesmanship atrophied.

Integral to the sales process is the feedback mechanism, which communicates to the innovators what demand the retailers have discovered (or is at least worth testing with new offers.)

Sales is not my thing, but I think I am an excellent consumer of good salesmanship, and therefore qualified to teach just that.

Along the lines of renaissance sales reps have re-organized themselves in Seattle into a new rep association....  I've been watching them and the moves seem right.  I am seeing a resurgence of the boutique, the shopping preference for the high-maintenance.

With the fax machine anyone could order flowers from Colombia, and have them here in 24 hours....  but local flowers are competitive.  A retired flower shop owner told me there is a resurgence in the 4am flower auction, a small biz staple 40 years ago.

Business start-up based on customers is my unique approach.  If you wish to thrive in spite of the coming crash, don't hoard gold, stock up on guns 'n ammo, or bury food supplies.  No!  Start a business.

I've been teaching that for 35 years on the side, and I am highly rated by past participants for content, pace and humor, with (so far) unlimited follow-up.

There are several options, live or online classes, for you to consider here.  eMail me if you have any questions.

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