Monday, September 5, 2016

Taiwan Deciding Who Pays For The Bust

First Korea announces a "mark to market" bankruptcy with Hanjin, now Taiwan steps up and indicates who they will ruin to balance their books.
Minister without Portfolio Lin Wan-i (林萬億) made the remarks at a news conference after military personnel, civil servants and public school teachers took to the streets in Taipei earlier that day to call for dignity and to protest against what they described as the government's smearing of them in controversy over the country's retirement pension system.
It's no surprise it will be veterans, retired cops, teachers and government workers.  They protest being "smeared" as Taiwan begins to settled up.  Smearing is like comedy, it only works if it is somewhat true.  And of course, as everywhere in the world, who is the lowest hanging fruit/  Ex-government workers.  Where can the go, to whom do they appeal.  You think the vast majority in industry who had to put up with, and feel the poverty ensuing, from rules and regulations by the Minister os Silly Walks, will have any sympathy for their plaint?

None actually ever contributed to any pension.  To be paid by taxpayers mean taxpayers made all of your contributions.

Those countries who rip off the bandaid first will recover first.  Marked-to-market pension assets with the loss borne by government worker pensioners will be tough, but they had a good run during their careers in government.  They will suffer in old age like their victims did for decades.

In USA there is one category of government pensioner that ought to be an exception, and that is postal worker.  They actually provided a service, and they actually brought in revenue for that service.  Their pool of pension capital has been continuously confiscated, so they have nothing either, in spite of their unique circumstances.

In that instance, the USPO ought to be corporatized, with a reckoning of all the assets and liabilities tallied, marked to market, and stock issued pro rata to all pensioners and employees of the USPO.  They don't get a pension, but they own the USPO.  Oh, and their monopoly on delivery of first class in USA ends in three years.

Within three years all first class mail delivery will be free and excellent, and the pensioners rich.
Companies will pay for the postage as long as you allow their ad on the envelope.  Prices will drop, volume will rise, pensioners will get rich.

School teachers could be enriched the same way.

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