Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Where Better to Protest National Disgrace?

Than with the national anthem?

When the star-spangled banner was proven to be yet waving by the dawn's early light, Americans of African ancestry were fighting for the Americans (as well as some fighting for the British.)  No matter.  Every country needs a class upon which to look down, and in USA it is those of African ancestry.   The English had the Irish, but they got their own country, so that ended.

So if the reaction to all of this is to kneel (KNEEL?) during the anthem, that is exceptional?  I know in an inner city high school the kids move their hands from the heart to a fist in the air at the words "with liberty and justice for all."  Got a problem with that?

Boycott Century Link and Air Academy Credit Union for being petty...
On Friday, Marshall lost his first endorsement, with Air Academy Federal Credit Union. On Monday, Marshall lost another in CenturyLink, a company whose name is plastered on the top of the Seattle Seahawks’ stadium. (On Sunday, all 53 Seahawks players stood together for the anthem, with their arms linked as a show of unity.)
Hey Seahawks: linking arms during the anthem ain't gonna fix your defensive line.   Hahahahahahah!

Pro sports is fixed anyway, why not let someone do something real on the field?

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