Saturday, October 29, 2016

Awaiting Results With Bated Breath

I hear from around the world the collective breath is bated in anticipation of the election.  All else pales by comparison.  There do seem to be daily eruptions signaling the Hegemon's desires, for Hillary to have the "reopening the email investigation" seems to indicate Clinton recklessness has finally gone too far, and the Hegemon will dispense with that particular puppet.

In any event, no one will really act until this election is over, so let's kick back and look at a slide show on a lovely part of Sichuan.

Pope John Paul II noted that national woes move like weather patterns, slowly cover an area for a time, imposing inclement conditions, which in time move on.  Think of Europe, 1930 - 1950. Given the facts on the ground, it looks like USA is in for nasty weather no matter who wins, or steals, the election.

China had a difficult century, but is assiduously courting peace and prosperity.  China has a land mass even more diverse than the USA, and wonderful natural beauty.  As much as I love the lands covered by the USA, they are rather in lockdown, and stressed by unnatural requirement.  For example, the pollution from synthetic chemicals in our waterways is at once invisible and toxic, down to the stream level.  Further we refuse to test for what we know is there (the secret to be maintained is not if the water is poisoned, but only to what degree.)  Requiring the land to absorb the pollution is another example of the privatized profits and socialized losses.

But never mind, you cannot turn back the weather.  You can look at China, see they are renewing the Tang Dynasty golden age by re-opening probably the worlds oldest trade route, the Silk Road.  Of which Iran is crucial.  Compare our policy with Iran vs China's.

What does USA make anymore, except war?  (On farmers, note. Both foreign and domestic.)

By the end of this century, people will be visiting wineries in Azerbaijan, skiing in Alshan, and of course, partying in Shanghai like it is 2099.  USA will look like Afghanistan, and Afghanistan will look like USA.  What goes around comes around.

You can't fight the weather, but you can weather the storm.  Self-employment is the best move.  No, don't move to China, they have all the smart people they need, and they need smart Americans to stay put.

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