Tuesday, October 18, 2016

New Confirmation On the Chipotle Experience

Chipotle experienced a business disaster when unproven charges of offering e coli were levelled against its stores.  With each effort at recovery, came another disaster.  There is plenty to suggest, indeed, there is more evidence Chipotle was sabotaged by Monsanto agents than any e coli emerged from Chipotle. Like Dr. Oz, if you dare condemn GMO foods, you will be lain waste.  For the hegemon, not only must you participate, why, you must praise!  Food is a weapon for USA, and Russia is going non-GMO.  We must have war!

I've never dined at a Chipotle because they never serve beer.  I eat a lot of Mexican food on the road, especially in California where every taquiera serves good food and beer.  Why just last Friday night I ate enchiladas washed down with Negra Modela (on tap, nice!) in Palo Alto.  Alcohol with meals is to be advised when in international trade.

Aside form all that, an article on the Chipotle travails has some notes I found interesting for their confirmations -
Back in Nalon’s office, where an old menu sign from a Chipotle restaurant hangs on the wall opposite a Food With Integrity poster, I ask whether Chipotle could simply move all its food preparation to central kitchens like this one. After all, if the food can taste just as good, why wouldn’t they, especially if it’s safer? "Hmmm, and still be Chipotle? Not everything, no," Nalon says. "I love the fact that they do what they do in those stores, because it is totally unique. You could do everything in central kitchens, but I don’t think that’s exactly what they want. They want to bring as much freshness and as much cooking as they can to the stores. But [some of these items] really need to be done with somebody like us."
Chipotle is small potatoes to an industrial commissary that serves the likes of McDonalds.  Note here again two points:  everyone goes to the same place for production, the only difference is the design.  Next,  these huge central producers love the challenge of the small biz who needs something accomplished.  This massive commissary built a production line to Chipotle specifications.

Chipotle sources pork from the Godfather of good meat in USA.  No Ractomine in this pork, a chemical widely used to build up muscle in USA but banned and criminal elsewhere worldwide.  (Talk about doping scandals.)  But the probable-Monsanto attack on has it sales and the pork producer has supply backlog.
Salatin tells me that Polyface still only provides pork to those two Chipotle restaurants in Virginia college towns. The company, he says, has discussed expanding his pork to 10 restaurants, but it has been "stymied" by its E. coli issues. Chipotle says that it never set a firm expansion goal and states that the issue is more complex. Before the outbreak, Chipotle purchased between 550 and 600 pounds of meat weekly from Salatin. In the immediate aftermath of the crisis, it sometimes bought as little as 100 pounds. Today, Chipotle’s weekly order hovers between 300 and 400 pounds. As a result, Salatin says that he has 9,000 pounds of pork "in the freezer that was supposed to go to [Chipotle] but that they haven’t taken since this debacle occurred. We got pigs in the pipeline, and we can’t afford to keep them on the hoof. For a small business like us, it’s actually very economically devastating."
Anyone already in excellent meat exports really ought to market that meat for Salatin.  9000 pounds is too little for a biggy, and too big for Salatin.  And then once you have helped out the Godfather, then you get the blessings from so many others.

Specialty anything, including foods, has demand that must be discovered by means well known and practiced, but as far as I know, only I teach.  The skill is urgently needed to help expand the production of good food, and to fill the void caused by the ex nihilo credit disaster that gave rise to Monsanto and Frankenfoods.  The Russians once depended on USA grain to survive, but with the embragos, they have switched to producing their own, and are forbidden GMO frankenfoods in their lands. The preference for Russian wheat is so great they have now surpassed USA AND Canada in wheat exports.

Don't tell me there is no GMO wheat, because there is, and it shows up in USA crops.  In the instance it does, Monsanto calls it sabotage.  We judge others by ourselves, and Monsanto would know from sabotage, wouldn't they.
But just as Chipotle leadership began to feel some sense of momentum, an unexpected crisis embarrassed them: Crumpacker was indicted for cocaine possession leading into Independence Day weekend. He surrendered to police and faces seven counts of drug possession; Chipotle placed him on leave, and he checked into rehab.
Of all the toot-snorting ad men in the world, only the one engineering Chipotle's return is arrested.  One scoffs!

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