Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Trump: Why Government Hates Business

Now "big business" and government are one in the same, Boeing and the Defense Department are one. Usually when I say business, I mean authentic business, businesses that are not dependent on the government to exist.

There are plenty of small businesses that depend on the government to exist.  The system in which the government and business are one is called fascism.  Long ago the USA tipped over the line to fascism.

It is so blatant the government long ago announced the agricultural/industrial policy of the USA is "get big or get out."  (Sometimes you'll hear it as "go big or go home.")

Small businesses tend to be authentic, not dependent on the government.  In fact, it is because they figured out how to work around the goofy rules they stay productive.  To destroy that part of the economy, the hegemon has inheritance taxes.  Billionaires get around this with "Foundations."

In the hegemon's calculation, Trump is considered a small businessman.  And he acts like one.  He sees the games for what they are, works within the bounds and still thrives.  Trump's instincts are attractive to authentic people, and the Hegemon minions are trying to destroy him as if he were a politician.

Both the Hegemon and Trump know the Hegemon can crush Trump in an instant.  But no, Trump is embarrassing the entire hegemon edifice.  Which may be just the thing the Hegemon wants.  Imagine how tiring, boring, embarrassing a Hillary Clinton, and all of her devotees, are to the Hegemon.

Here we have the Clintons and most of progressive USA shaking down governments like third world "leaders" while Russia and China grow,  develop, thrive.  You look around and see what a dump your home has become, and how it stinks, and think...  maybe a change.

It seems to me the Hegemon is letting Trump succeed on his own to see if he can do it.  If he does fair and square (lining up several Clinton rape victims to counter salacious recordings) then OK, he is president.  Not much power in being president outside of bragging rights, so Trump would never be a threat to the hegemon, but he might be useful in cleaning out the stinking rooms of our country.

Will the hegemon let us all thrive, like it is Trump?  Will the Hegemon back off an let USA grow again, so the Hegemon can be proud when compared to Russia and China, who have surpassed us in key areas?  It'll be interesting to watch.

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Compare to Germany and the German Mittlestand: