Monday, October 10, 2016

What Does Hillary Say When She Faces Death?

What I've heard Catholics say countless times.  Very interesting.

Also, note what is going on at the moment... it's the famous 60 Minutes segment on Bill and Hillary's response to the credible Jennifer Flower's rape charge.  The 60 Minutes team is clearly coaching them on how to use the film to deflect further inquiry into the charge.  Clearly 60 Minutes exists to protect the minions of the hegemon.  But I knew that when I stopped watching TV back in the 80s.

(I wonder when this close call occurred?  Around the time they encountered Mother Teresa?)

I've only seen the unavoidable snippets of last night's "debate."  (O How wonderful a real debate would be!)  But it is all very disgusting.  Solzhenitsyn said we have a right not to know (some things we need be spared to remain civil).

Violent revolution aftermath is always worse than the situation which inspired revolution.  But we do need change.  The most revolutionary act, nonviolent division, an American can perform is start a business.  You can find help at

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