Saturday, October 1, 2016

Where Pat Buchanan Fails

I wonder at Pat Buchanan being allowed in polite society when he has so many radical things to say.  But then he says the following, and I understand why he is allowed a seat at the table.
Earlier, writes Boyle, the WTO ruled that, “without the subsidies, Airbus would not have existed … and there would be no Airbus aircraft on the market.”
In “The Great Betrayal” in 1998, I noted that in its first 25 years the socialist cartel called Airbus Industrie “sold 770 planes to 102 airlines but did not make a penny of profit.
Boeing itself has insisted it would have no overseas customers if not for the welfare program of USA taxpayers giving Boeings overseas customers the wherewithal to buy Boeing products. 
But Boeing officials say the Ex-Im Bank is crucial in allowing the company to compete against export credit agencies in France and Germany, which are only too happy to offer guarantees for the purchase of jets from Airbus, Boeing’s sole competitor in the wide-body market.
So Buchanan is calling the kettle black, and at the same time Boeing is taking $69 million from taxpayers to pay for lobbying for boeing to take money from taxpayers for a business that would not exist without taxpayer subsidies.

Cut every dime of welfare, but cut not one dime of personal welfare until every dime of corporate welfare is cut.

Boeing would go out of business, because it is managed by welfare queens, the people you see at teh check-out counter holding things up as they set aside things they are not allowed or are over budget, and s like Boeing, sometimes shoplifting.  All Boeing executives are the basest of welfare queens.

With Boeing out of business, a few hundred ex-employees would start airline companies, and in 20 years we'd have the leading aircraft industry in the world.  But with Pat Buchanan making sure we ask the wrong questions, we'll never get the right answer.

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