Saturday, November 26, 2016

3D Printing Gold Jewlery, Cookies, Clothes?!

Apparently, this is running ahead faster than I thought.  Now faster does nothing for content, but a quick prototype certainly serves "fail fast, fail cheap", what I was taught 40 years ago when I learned.  You still need excellent designers for the best content.

And here again, Hong Kong is the place.  When writing to your target customers and suppliers, no matter where in the world, always ask if they attend Hong Kong shows.  They very well may, and if so, meet them there.  Hong Kong is more, better, cheaper faster and you'll meet not only your Belarus contact, buy you'll meet a Chilean contact too.  Saves time, leverages a trip like no where else can.

Wish I had noticed this earlier, I might have built a seminar in Hong Kong.  Not to late for you to go....

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