Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Advice on Surviving Ex Nihilo Credit Regime

What needs to be written down and passed from generation to generation, is when a Hegemoon introduces ex nihilo credit, join the exodus to importing, but stay in the upscale market.  Slowly mothball your own factory, and then keep your customers by selling them well made imported goods of your design in an overseas factory where you have set the standards and the foreigner's manage.

When ex-nihilo credit regime crashes as it is now, re-open your own factory just as gradually as you closed it.

When Nike was tiny, it was up against Jack Purcell, Wilson, Converse in sport shoes, all made in USA.  Ex Nihilo credit made Nike, and Nike used ex nihilo credit to buy all those brands (well, Russell Wilson), and yhey sell them as retro on their site.

But the feedback say the retro are junk.  Too bad.  On the other hand, great opportunity to fill the void left by the destruction of the boom years.

I haven't come across any advice anywhere on how to work in ex nihilo credit regime destruction.  Masybe this is a kernal that can snowball.

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