Monday, November 28, 2016

Castro and Trump Revolutions

Why are the election loser's still crying?  Times of change are malleable all ways, and given Trump represents change, doesn't mean it will be Trump's ideas of change.  In the US, French, Russian revolutions, nothing turned out the way the majority of revolutionaries had hoped or dreamed.  Certainly Cubans looked forward to peace and prosperity with USA under Castro, which did not quite pan out.  USA in a time of change is up for grabs.

Why they are STILL crying is the free-stuff brigades, from Boeing down to the EBT talent, they know it is now over.  They had hoped it ended later, after they are gone.  No such luck.  They knew it was unsustainable, but can't we party just a little more?  Nope.

The perspicacity and specificity with which Trump-haters (left and right) critique Trump condemns them.  Why did they not analyze Bush and Obama with the same rigor?  For one or the other was going to get free stuff when either won.  We got wars, bailouts, stadiums, torture with both, bit some factions got free stuff.  With Trump we'll still get it all too, but everyone has nailed him as a bounder.

What's coming?  Who knows?  We've been bankrupt for a while, and as sure as those who were depending on largesse, like the Norwegians who donated a half billion to the Clintons, it's over.  As they say in Norwegian, "Uff da!"

The only safe place is self-employment.

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