Sunday, November 6, 2016

Election 2016 Vote: The False Dilemma

This was written nine months ago, by a hard-core liberal, but a pro-peace liberal... read the whole thing.  the litany of horrors from the 1990s forward is gut wrenching, but it shows how we got here.
But I think there are at least as many who see a choice between Hillary and Trump as anything but a clear choice of Good versus Evil, or even lesser and greater evils summoning them to the ballot box to help Hillary. What we have is a well-known evil with a long record versus a less-known evil who exudes racism and Islamophobia, caters to the anti-immigrant right, and panders to the Zionist lobby while stating he wants peace with Russia and China, can make deals with Putin, wants NATO to pay for more of its expenses (which could actually lead to countries balking and opting out of that unnecessary anti-Russian military alliance), wants to stay out of Syria, thinks Iraq and Libya were disasters, etc.
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Anonymous said...

It's a false choice, though it's clear Trump is causing some massive problems for one camp right now. There's apparently some conflict going on within the FBI and the deep state over who will control the empire. It's all very interesting to watch, but no more relevant to us than the last episode of Game of Thrones. Who will rule on the iron throne? Who cares besides those playing the game of power.

Trump is a misogynist who stokes the nationalist and xenophobic flames. Clinton is as corrupt and self-serving as she's always been. We've known this for years.

I don't vote for president because I won't vote for my enslavement into government debt or the killing of innocents. Those in power can use use a portion of my labor (taxes), but they'll never be able to say I "agreed" to anything.

I hope Hillary wins only because I want her crimes prosecuted and investigated. Trump was right when I he said "drain the swamp." I would say "drain the swamp and open the books."