Thursday, November 3, 2016

How a Trump Victory Could Mean World War

In the 1980s a floppy disk was on the export control list, and item with "dual use" technology, meaning it could hold cookie recipes, or nuclear bomb plans. It was illegal to export those to China.  The State Department decided what could or could not be exported. Never mind China could buy all they wanted anywhere else, USA would never help its enemies.

Based on this silly rules, USA industry balked, and then the opportunistic Clinton presidency went the other way, approving critical satellite technology transfer in the Loral scandal to China.  The floodgates opened.  We even prosecute any government worker who exposes crime and treason, such as Edward Snowden.

As Lenin predicted, capitalists would see the communists the rope to hang the capitalists.  Just so.

These things take time to grow, and now there is so much industrial espionage under the Bush/Obama/Clinton claque that a system to manage it had to be established.  The solution was the Clinton foundation where you made your pay-to-play "donation" and then you were given a pass to visit the State Department where Hillary would meet you and give a pass for whatever you wanted, and usually it was selling to the enemy, one way or another.

Now given this scenario, why would any emerging power, say China, get into a war with USA.  It could buy, with ex nihilo credit, anything it wanted from USA, and if necessary, hack its way to the prize.  Hillary victory would just mean more of the same.

But with Trump, all that would end.  USA would defend what it has, and no doubt that would cause conflict.  The President of the Philippines sees clearly where USA is going, selling rope to the communists, so he switched sides.  Under a Trump, he might switch back.  Point is, if the treason stops then our power begins to return, and then....?

The irony is Hillary wanted to be not the first woman president, but the greatest ever, and that would necessarily mean the biggest war ever.  Ironical, that, treason and greed would never let her get her way.

Capitalism, people do the wackiest things.  We need free markets.

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