Thursday, November 17, 2016

New Zealand Welfare Queen Minion Frightened!

The mendacity.  To wit:
Thanks to Brexit and Donald Trump's successful presidential election "the whole world has got a lot more complicated", says special trade envoy Mike Petersen.
"I'll probably end up spending a bit of time helping to decipher it," the Waipukurau farmer and former Beef + Lamb chairman said.
He said the Trans-Pacific Trade agreement was "98 per cent dead" ahead of a ratification deadline of June 17 for all 12 countries.
"There is certainly no chance it will go through in the [United States'] lame duck session," he said.
"The glimmer of hope is, with a Republican-majority congress that is traditionally pro-business and pro-trade, there is a chance it is not dead in the water if the party and Trump can reconcile their various positions. I'd suggest there is still a bit of work to do in that area."
We have free trade between Oregon and California, and in fact among all the states. Free trade is not complicated.  It takes one sentence in the USA Constitution to explain it.    NAFTA started at 14,000 pages.  Who knows how many now?  And TPP and the others, no one knows, because they are secret "free trade" deals.  Free trade is transparent.

As if any republican has ever been against any of these 'free trade deals."  If they are dead, they were before Trump was elected.  Since the world likes Chinese terms better, then we'll just make new ones, with the Very Best Negotiator Ever, the Donald, doing the deals.

The problem is not that anything is more complicated, when demonstrably these faux "free trade" agreements are designed to be complicated to benefit the crybaby welfare-queen billionaire beneficiaries and their minions who are paid to do interviews bad mouthing true free trade, and sowing confusion.

I don't doubt that Trump will back pedal and the deals in some form will go through.  Elections in USA change nothing, and when people figure that out, then it will get ugly.  Not until.

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