Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The King is Dead. Long Live the King.

As all major religions note, usury leads to destruction, and is a recognized means of war.  Ex Nihilo Credit is usury on steroids.  We are watching yet another "end of America" where every 15-20 years our country changes radically.  The ex nihilo credit regime is dead, and the big question is, what is next?

I don't know where Pat Buchanan got this figure, or over what time frame, but it is the direct result of ex nihilo credit regime of the last 45 years.
They believe Trump alone will secure the borders and rid us of a trade regime that has led to the loss of 70,000 factories and 5 million manufacturing jobs since NAFTA. They believe Trump is the best hope for keeping us out of the wars the Beltway think tanks are already planning for the sons of the “deplorables” to fight.
Those number mean that the average factory employed about 70 people total.  Just so!  Most business is always small business.  And any kid looking for work could find a job easy sweeping floors and work his way up. Two things must happen for this objective good to return:

1. Elimination of the ex nihilo credit regime.  It cannot be legislated out of existence, for it is existential to the bad guys who run things.  But it can be shunned, and and returning to an asset-based, non-usurious credit regime can be achieved to a pitch perfect degree by those who simply choose to exercise that right.

2. Trade lanes need to be opened:  as new factories begin to quicken, the infrastructure to move things has never been better.  But the sales channels have atrophied.  The sooner the F I R E economy crashes, the better, so we can have those sales people back at trade shows, bridging the makers and the retailers.

And it won't hurt to have real estate prices crash, s then necessarily will do.

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