Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What Happens To Those Who Paid the Clintons?

To the powers that be, the Hegemon, or whatever you want to call them, it was clear the ex nihilo credit regime of the last forty years was over.  For the last 20 of the last 40 years the Clintons of the Clinton/Bush/Obama face of USA were active building both a private and public political machine.

The core problem is unfunded pension liability.  Since it is based on ex nihilo credit, it is not possible to grow your way out of it.  It has to crash and then an alternative regime must replace the old one.  I say go back to interest-free asset backed, private vendor financing, like Hong Kong upon which is jumping.   The majority who got burned by the ex nihilo regime were getting fidgety, and more wars were not going to mollify them, not even WWIII.  The Hegemon let them have a champion for this change, The Donald.  Now The Donald has to walk the talk.  Good luck.

Trump does not start until Jan 20, but now it starts. All those who lived off the ex nihilo credit regime, like the silicon valley sultans, are now fearing the end of the gravy train.  Think, even more dire, of all those people around the world who gave the Clintons $100,000, a $1,000,000 etc...  That tally was from people who, in their place of power, had lots of tally and lots of enemies and were buying "friendship" and protection.  Wikileaks has exposed all of that.  Now, literally overnight, the Clintons are no more.  There are a whole lotta people out there exposed with no friends.  Can't call Bill to drop in on the Att Gen to stop some investigation, or get some permit to pollute.  Those exposed people are right now moving their assets to safe places like Switzerland, and slipping out of their countries by the overland route.

I was talking about he Philippines breaking from USA two months ago,  And now...
Duterte has threatened 'to break up with America' and instead seek closer ties with China and Russia, despite the country's long standing relations with the US.He has previously described Washington as an unreliable ally, saying Filipino forces have not benefited from joint combat exercises with US troops.'Instead of helping us, the first to criticize is this State Department, so you can go to hell, Mr Obama, you can go to hell,' he said in an inflammatory speech last month.
The Bush/Clinton/Obama face was a debacle.  They were a wing of the Hegemon group that no longer exists.  Now there will be no V. Nuland to back puppets in the Ukraine, with Joe Biden's son in place to look after the Clinton lootings.  There will be fleeings, and suicidings and murders.

Politics can get nasty.


Here is a fellow making the same point, but he is a much better writer....
I submit that the large numbers of sizable “donations” to Mrs. Clinton’s “foundation” were made with the assumption that Hillary would become president.  The size and source of the donations suggests that the donations were made on the assumption that presidential favors would one day be paid.  Not secretary of state-level favors, but chief executive-type favors.  And then along comes November 8, and the unthinkable happens.  We then have the situation where money has been paid, but the favor cannot be returned.
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Anonymous said...

The Philippine president reminds me of a little Chihuahua barking at the heel of a German Shepherd. He boasts about his cursing and about killing his own people namely low-end drug users, not the kingpins, at the hands of vigilantes. Despite his popularity (in his own country) the Philippine people will realize sooner or later that they have been swindled by Duterte just like Imelda Marcos and her clan did it in the past. Third-world countries always end like that and the poor people continue to suffer.