Saturday, December 10, 2016

Dollar Stores

Some companies have an existential requirement of having taxpayers fund their customers, such as Boeing and Dollar General.  The dollar store category, price cutting is supposed to be hot.  Not so.
Dollar General Corp. reported another disappointing quarter of same-store sales and posted lower-than-expected earnings as the dollar store again blamed results on reductions in food-stamp benefits.

The results come as dollar stores have generally been a relative bright spot in a troubled retail sector as recession-weary shoppers flocked to low prices and convenient locations near residential areas. Rival chain operator Dollar Tree Inc., which acquired rival Family Dollar last year for about $9 billion, also reported a disappointing second quarter, though it said last week that sales for the last three months of the year would be better than expected.
Companies acquire each other like dinosaurs acquired each other, they eat them, on the way to extinction.  Stay away from false economy customers.

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