Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gold and Silver Price Manipulation

Y'all know I love HSBC, the Scottish Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation, for they know banking and worldwide and history.  I loved it when they fired the officers in 2008 at their subprime USA loan subsidiary, "We are bankers.  Bankers do not lose money." Yes!

Yes, they know from banking, and are as in deep as any bank with any and all shenanigans. If there is a international financial scandal, you can bet they are involved too.  And why not?

So when one of their international bankers complained to me of not being able to trust anyone's financial statements, that was rich, coming from an HSBC officer.  Everyone, even the bankers, are out of hand.

With ex nihilo credit, everything is tallied in whimsically appraised assets.  Yes, a home in the neighborhood sold for a million, so your comparable home in the same neighborhood is also now worth a million too.  Feel good?  The taxman sure does, cuz he gets more for nothing too!  It is just a coincidence that the word for property tax is 'mill', the same word grinding down into a powder.

When nothing is priced based on anything, then assets are so far out of whack that at some point it ends.  Look out below.

What is the basis upon which assets should be assessed?  Well, money.  But money properly defined, and this would be gold and silver.  Not knowing this is dangerous.  Knowing this only partially can be dangerous too. For those who speculate in gold and silver as money are acting as rent-seekers, and denying us the good of their productive capacity.  Time spent gaming the system is time not spent sharing your divinely given talents.  Greed over prosperity, rather rule in hell than serve in heaven.

When the focus on the game is playing with ex nihilo credit, the Hegemon can ignore gold and silver for the time being.  The bankers can play with it to their advantage, inadvertently meting out condign punishment to those who deny the rest of us the good of their talents.

But now the Hegemon is allowing the pitchfork brigades a chance to perhaps restore the market price of gold and silver, after decades of uninterest in fraud.
It appears Judge Caproni, former FBI General Counsel, was on the money when considering the potential of ineptitude in government investigations of precious metals markets at April’s gold hearing: “I don’t put a lot of stock in the fact that there are investigations because I was a government lawyer for a long time and I know what you need to open an investigation. By the same token, the fact that they closed it without charging anybody doesn’t mean that everybody is innocent. So I don’t put a lot of stock in it one way or the other.”
The CFTC proudly announced in September 2013 they had spent five years and seven thousand enforcement hours investigating complaints of manipulation in the silver market, including with assistance by the Commission’s Division of Market Oversight, the Commission’s Office of Chief Economist, and outside experts, but yet found nothing.
The Department of Justice Antitrust Division which were so confident of their investigation of collusion in precious metals they went to the extraordinary lengths in January of this year of providing a letter to silver and gold lawsuit defendants advising they had closed their investigation without findings of wrongdoing.
Trump won because change was coming, and he was the face of change.  With retired cops burning working cops on pension distribution, things are getting dicey.  Nothing bad will happen to the hegemon, the Trump "revolution" is hiring the very people who made this mess to manage the change. It will be at the beat cop, street level that suffering will occur.

Gold and silver will not save you.  Only self-employment offers the opportunity to develop your talents, and it is the only safety net available.  I've got my winter course dates up here.

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