Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Indian Warship Falls Over

On Tuesday, the tilted warship was floating in water in the dry dock. "The dock can't now be deflooded as it could further damage the hull of the ship. Also, the dock can't be flooded because any further water ingress through the damaged part will create further problems. The authorities are in a fix because this is the first such incident the Indian Navy has witnessed and foreign experts may have to be called," said the officer.
Physics tipped it over, and physics will be used to set it aright.  They will flood the drydock slowly after shifting ballast and sealing off sections.  As the drydock floods, the ship will stand up right again.

Now, who wasn't paying attention when the boat tilted?

But more to the point.  India has a long war-history, but a splendid pacificism history too.  Well, they have a great history in every department, even an outstanding Islamic-pacificist movement against the British (I highlight a book on this over on the left column).

Less military, more freedom, I always advise.

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