Thursday, December 8, 2016

They Are Seizing Gold: Invest in Gold!

What's wrong with this blogpost?
Global financial repression picks up steam, led by India. After declaring large denomination notes illegal, India now targets gold.
It’s not just gold bars or bullion. The government has raided houses, no questions asked, confiscating jewelry.
...US actions may cause a currency crisis, but I believe a crisis will hit elsewhere first. If I am correct, gold will be the safe haven, regardless of currency, but especially where the crisis hits.
See any problem with this analysis?  Mish is a financial investments advisor, what to do with your accumulated wealth.  "In a currency crisis, they will confiscate gold, even jewelry.  Gold is your best bet in a currency crisis."  Wait, what?!

The financial advisors are now backed into corner.  There is no good advice.

Except start your own business.

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