Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What Happens When Trump Delivers Naught

Let's see:

Hillary would have won if:

A. The majority ruled, and not the Electoral College.

B. If the Russians had not thrown the election with the email hacks.

As to A, well, we have a Republic, not a democracy.  Trump ran a campaign based on a Electoral College win, and campaigned accordingly.  He won.  If we did not have an electoral college system, then whatever that system was would have called forth a different strategy to win.

Without an electoral college, Trump would have won there too.

What is very pleasant is to listen to the losers, who were the policy winners for so long, recite utterly delusional reasons for Hillary's loss.  They simply cannot comprehend that half of the electorate detests the status quo, and wanted change.  Hillary lost the voters.

I think if Hillary had not destroyed Sanders,  and it was SAnders V any Republican besides Trump, Sanders would have won.  Enough people want change, and in Sanders V say Rubio, Sanders would have won, with Rubio just as shocked today.

As to B, if the Russians hacked the emails (probably), and if they released them (unlikely), then what did they release?  Facts.  Truth.  So the argument is, since the people got the truth, Hillary lost?

How screwed up is that?

All policies have winners and losers, and it seems the winners of the last forty years have come to imagine an entitlement, and cannot imagine the losers as having any legitimacy in any case, indeed I had a friend exclaim just how bleeping stupid Trump supporters were to vote for Trump.  Well, I think it means they just voted against the policies that vex them.

As I said, it is a pleasant experience to hear entrenched political partisans whine and their delusional explanations, for it means they will not effect any changes that might bring them back.

If and when they begin saying "Hillary lost because she was a crazed, criminal warmonger... and we need to establish means to protect ourselves from such.." then the right can begin to worry.

Until then, the real problem is when Trump supporters realize he cannot improve things much, if at all. When both sides are disillusioned and sober.

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