Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Whole Foods Hot Water Bodega Sammich

Does Whole Foods charge too much, or do its customers pay too much?
The pricey food-store chain rolled out a chopped cheese sandwich for $8 — but savvy shoppers know you can find the same product in most bodegas for just half the price.
Then you need to go to a bodega and get it for half the price.  Why did you walk into a grocery store in high-rent Columbus Circle without understanding people need ot cover costs and want to make a profit?
Pre-packaged items were accused of being severely overpriced. It was also reported at the time that the city’s Whole Foods stores had received more than 800 violations during 107 separate inspections since 2010, totaling more than $58,000 in fines.
Yes.  I buy Cafe du Monde coffee, which I see is usually well over $12 a can at Whole Paycheck, and never over $6 a can at the Chinese grocery where I get my fresh fish.  I buy my coffee where it is convenient/best price, from the Chinese grocer.  New Yorkers need the Hegemon to check on prices, and tell them Whole Foods is profitable.

The solution to high prices is high prices.  The Chinese grocer is making full mark on the coffee.  As long as people are paying over double at Whole Foods, even with the alternative, then Whole Foods will continue to stock it.  Much to the delight of Cafe du Monde, who likes having Whole Foods and the Chinese grocer as customers

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