Thursday, January 5, 2017

Gold ETF Saps

We will learn more, as we have learned already, of gold-trading scams.  Huge ones await.  Anyone owning Gold ETF shares is surely a sap, for what better way to hide missing gold than to "sell it" to unwitting dupes.  When a crisis forces an accounting, the powers that be will simply "seize it" like they did in 1933 and manage it "for your own good" or issue you fed res notes for the gold, again nothing for something.

Gold ETF Mechanics – An infographic hosted at

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Azat H said...

Where can one buy physical gold? And is it worth buying bitcoin righ now ?

John Wiley Spiers said...

Best place to buy gold is from a coin shop... do shop around to find an established, trust place. As to bitcoin, it is a complete scam, a ponzi scheme pure play, already dead but like all zombie banks things, living dead. Stay away.