Tuesday, January 17, 2017

President Trump, Build Up That Wall!

How can a free market anarchist call for Trump to build the wall?

Depends on the wall.

Now keep in mind the law, passed by democrats in 2006, requires the president to build that wall. So Trump is simply enforcing the law.

Again, depends on the wall.

To be politically correct, since walls are so Soviet-like (and we a soooo anti-communist) it is called the build the "fence " act...  of course the fence being a high tech surveillance full-employment act, with anyone crossing anywhere being picked up by sensors and then intercepted at Border Patrol's leisure.

But Trump campaigned on the politically incorrect "wall" meme.  This is good.

So what would the wall look like?  Well first, it should be about 20 miles wide, and 2000 miles long, covering the entire USA/Mexico border.

What's inside this 20 mile by 2000 mile wall?  Well, in essence, a 40,000 square mile free trade zone, Hong Kong like. No one owns the land, all real estate is on a 99 year lease system.   Anyone can enter this zone from Mexico freely, and anyone can enter from USA freely.  So this means anyone: tourists, medical patients,  refugees, asylum seekers, criminals, shoppers, vacationers and anyone else who can find an invitation to access anyone's property in this zone.  

Of course anyone leaving by land route would need to clear Mexican or USA Customs, respectively to get into those countries.  But otherwise the zone is free access.  All you need is a hotel reservation if you are staying overnight.

The optimum permanent population would be about 7 million people;  it needs an international airport, and a seaport at the point where the Rio Grande meets the Golfo de Mexico.

OK.. so where to start?  One mustn't just decide to have a free trade zone ala Hong Kong running for 2000 miles.  One needs to ease into this, people cannot handle freedom.  So start with a test pilot, and I have just the place:
 Though only 75 miles runs along the Mexican border, the reservation is about 2.8 million acres or roughly the size of Connecticut and has about 30,000 members. The tribe’s official website says that nine of its communities are located in Mexico and they are separated by the United States/Mexico border. “In fact, the U.S.-Mexico border has become an artificial barrier to the freedom of the Tohono O’odham,” the tribe claims. “On countless occasions, the U.S. Border Patrol has detained and deported members of the Tohono O’odham Nation who were simply traveling through their own traditional lands, practicing migratory traditions essential to their religion, economy and culture. Similarly, on many occasions U.S. Customs have prevented Tohono O’odham from transporting raw materials and goods essential for their spirituality, economy and traditional culture. Border officials are also reported to have confiscated cultural and religious items, such as feathers of common birds, pine leaves or sweet grass.”
But that is a drug transfer point!  Well, it is a drug transfer point not allowed by the hegemon, who controls the drug trade.  And otherwise, the Indians are only permitted to engage in vices, - gambling, cheap booze and cigarettes, fireworks.  Aside from that, the Indians have had their loaf of bread taken away and are invited to apply for a grant of crumbs.

But in a free trade zone, the Indians could be sponsoring the finest of everything in the world, by not having subsidies and monopolies.  The could be like the Scottish royals, have no property, but in charge.  They set the (anarchistic) rules, and they otherwise work at what they love alongside all other people in the territory. 

Once this has proven successful, the wall can be extended from the Pacific Ocean to the Golfo de Mexico.

Why not?  It's just a matter of honoring the treaties with the Indians.

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