Sunday, December 9, 2012

Elephant Poop Coffee - Chang Poo Joe

Inspired by the ancient cat poop coffee, some entrepreneurs in Thailand are experimenting with Elephant poo joe.  Hmmm... sounds exotic.  Hey, the Thai word for elephant is "chang."  Chang Poo Joe.  Nice ring to it.

Running coffee through an elephant apparently takes out the bitterness.  But I like bitterness so much I drink cafe du monde coffee ($12 at Metropolitan Markets, $5 a Lam's), which is cut with chicory, a technique learned during the War of Northern Aggression when there was a coffee shortage in NOLA. No thanks on Chang Poo Joe, but here is cafe du monde, if you like it bitter, and black, like my heart.

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Anonymous said...

you funny, funny man, you

bitter & black heart ha ha

your heart is as big as the whole wide world

sweet & light