Sunday, December 9, 2012

Michigan As the Next Hong Kong?

As we see Detroit descend into the chaos that follows government intervention, we have an opportunity to allow spontaneous order out of chaos that occurs in anarchy.

One contribution to chaos is government unions, with which Michigan is overwhelmed and the people are voting down.  The auto-unions are also subject to "right to work" rules hereafter, but their power is base don the health of the auto industry.  Intellectual property rights and distribution restrictions ruined the USA auto industry, and labor unions followed the auto industry down.  Addressing unions rules is rather impertinent.  Michigan needs freedom, not different rules.

I come back to Hong Kong, which has practically no unions, of course.  Free people do not need them. And also Hong Kong has the curious element that no one can own property, just lease it.

Now the Manifest Destiny policy of Jemmy Madison meant the Indians had to die, so their property rights could be abrogated.  Aside from being wrong, disrespecting property rights is foolish.

"But there was no way to have progress and Indian-style property rights at the same time."  How would we know, it has never been tried?  On the other hand, we see it works in places like Hong Kong, Monaco, Vatican... O! Goodness, all free indefensible peaceful and prosperous places.  How about that?

As I look at a map of Michigan, which is going through a little revolution, I note its geographic situation:

Geographically it is ideal to be its own city state. Now compare that with a map of Indian reservations in Michigan.  They are spread around, and I bet a little digging would demonstrate their rights were violated.  Perhaps a settlement could be the indians own the land, and they lease it out on 99 year terms in a free market, like they had before we showed up.  Best of both worlds, win win.

Michigan is fantastically well situated to be a new Hong Kong.  It has waterways that reach the atlantic, and rail lines tying into the entire country.  It has a workforce ready, willing and able to produce.  And a darned good University.

I think secession is a non-starter, but a two-countries, one-system autonomous region on that peninsula would be a great experiment in freedom and industrial recovery.  I could move to Michigan.

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