Sunday, December 9, 2012

Father of Open-Sourcing, Anti-IPR Ben Franklin

I was listening to a fellow on the radio talk about his book, Poor Richard's Lament, a biographical novel on Benjamin Franklin.  One point he made about Franklin was he spent his first 42 years getting rich and the last 42 giving it away.  Franklin was a world-class inventor, but he open sourced his designs, such as the lightening rod and the Franklin stove, two inventions widely used to this day.  In spite of his friend Thos. Jefferson's belief that intellectual property would help the little guy, Franklin would not go along with that regime.

We pretend the world is so much more complicated and those people too backward to be relevant today.  No, the problems today are the same as back then, and the solution the same.  Open source it, eschew intellectual property rights.

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