Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hong Kong food Trade Show Plans?

On May 27, 2015, at 7:47 PM, B wrote:

Hi John,

As I mentioned, I am kicking around the idea of attending the Hong Kong Food Show in Aug. (nothing like the last minute!) I was wondering how serious the people you mentioned are about showing product there?  Right now, I have two or three producers expressing some interest.  Really rough back of the envelope calculations, I figure the cost of attending the show at somewhere between $15k - $20k including air, hotels, booth, shipping a 20' refer container, etc.  a 20' container will hold about 10 pallets -- I will need 3 - 4.

If you have any interest, or think your guys do, lets talk.



Hey B,

thanks for you the email...  although the show will welcome even last minute booth bookings, it is unlikely i have the critical mass to make a go of a booth this August.  You know my argument, do not go to a show until you have had sales, and you have enough buyers lined up to warrant the CAN make sales before you go, and the real leverage is when you meet customers in a booth..

You know I am also working on the game-changing LCL MOQ FOB Chill reefer project, which I want to be a part of a booth.  This has been a busy year, sorting out capabilitis and interests, but August seems too soon.

What I plan to do is to get a booth in 2016 and host a chill Freight Forwarder and OOCL along with some small exporters (actually from anywhere in the world....)  I will auction off the say six slots, and either make money or or lose some $9000....  but I think by next year I will have a solid critical mass of people who have enough customers to warrant investing in the show presence I host...  plus the show itself will be a seminar on how to leverage marketing money and booth management...

Nothing focusses the mind like a deadline, and I think this cohort I have created of small food exporters will be redy next year...

And an excellent time and place for people to get a jump start on exporting food will be the UCBerkeley Extension all day seminar coming up Saturday July 11...  it’s in San Francisco, but well worth flying to if you are outside the Bay Area.

Feel free to forward this by email to three of your friends.