Saturday, June 20, 2015

Free Trade Agreements

The corporation that is known as the USA is defunct, and it is now just a matter of stealing what is not nailed down.  Who knows what will replace the USA on these lands, but what ended us was "get big or get out" a Republican anthem, which coordinated with the Democrat welfare state.

The republicans passed Romney/Obamacare without reading it, and its purpose, get big or get out is in full bloom, with "health care providers" merging into massive entities.
The five largest commercial health insurers in the U.S. have contracted merger fever, or maybe typhoid. UnitedHealth ischasing Cigna and even AetnaHumana has put itself on the block; and Anthem is trying to pair off with Cigna, which is thinking about buying Humana. If the logic of ObamaCare prevails, this exercise will conclude with all five fusing into one monster conglomerate.
Now it is the Democrats turn to the the Republicans a solid, by passing the TPP/TPAT, whatever "free trade" agreements, without reading it either.  Who cares?  They all know it is about stealing, and they know they will receive the stolen goods,  Who cares about the means?

We vote against wars, we get them anyway.  We vote against domed stadiums, we get them anyway.  We vote against bailouts, we get them anyway.

What will replace what we have?  Necessarily it will not come through political action.   The politicians have nothing to bring to the table, they are present only for what they can take away.  God forbid it come through violence, in spite of how hard government is working to foment violence (for crisis changes the topic, concentrates power).

You can decide what comes next for you by starting your won business.

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