Monday, June 15, 2015

How Social Media Kills Brands

With so many people believing social media can make you, hear from the super-premium logo people who say it breaks you:

Meanwhile, a bumper crop of niche brands such as Zadig & Voltaire, Sandro and Rag & Bone are providing fresh competition. These labels, with their $895 jackets or $525 ankle boots, are relatively affordable compared to ultra luxury brands, but they are still pricey enough to appeal to affluent consumers who want something that feels distinctive and has a halo of great craftsmanship.
It also doesn’t help that customers are interacting with luxury brands on Instagram, Pinterest and other online channels, speeding up the time it takes for a shoe or handbag to travel from must-have to boring.
“Social media does play a huge role in desensitizing us to these things that used to feel so special, because we’re seeing it over and over again,” said Aba Kwawu, principal of TAA PR, which works with luxury fashion clients. “By the time things are hitting the stores, customers are over it.”

Your unknown specialty brand is more valuable to the specialty retailer than the well-known logo brands.  Don't waste time marketing online, especially to ill effect.

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